The Great Australian
Brewery Guide

The rise of Australia’s brewpubs goes hand in hand with the rise of Australian craft beer – and the last few years have witnessed a golden age of brewing and the places in which we can drink great beer.

Beer & Brewer magazine has long charted the growth of craft beer and the new wave of brewpubs opening in every corner of this vast land. But this is the first time we’ve pulled together a standalone guide to Australia’s brewpubs. We hope it’ll help you organise a great night out in your local neighbourhood or introduce you to a few new brewpubs when on your next vacation.

The guide profiles 40 of Australia’s best brewpubs, their beers and the amazing people making them. It also includes a special feature on the growth of Australia’s brewpubs, including an interview with the great craft brewing pioneer Phil Sexton.

If you like drinking great beer – and you like drinking it fresh – you’ll love The Great Australian Brewery Guide.

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